I am Blair Blakely Bass

good evening

scratch that now let's start over... with some details.

I guess you're all wondering who I am well if I told you that I had 2 kill you..just kidding you're safe with me.

My name is Blair Blakely Bass, but you may call me Blakely or B if you prefer that.

I am starting a new life a new beginning with a new name.which is amazing so you`ll never know who I was unless U already knew me before 2 day.

oh well hopefully you haven't met me yet.

Yes if you must ask it was necessary 2 change my name, not that I did anything wrong and wanted 2 clear my past. But because that was not me anymore unfortunately.

And 4 once i am going 2 follow in the foot steps of Queen B and make things happen instead of hoping they will one day. But of course plan A never works out so I have come up with a plan B well B is best. As I always say there's a reason why it`s Queen B and not Queen A. OH well back 2 why your here oh yes we never even started that conversation.

WELL LET`S START, I guess you're here because my blogg accidently popped up.. well i`ll never know unless you tell me ;) U better tell me! or.... no just kidding.

My uncle calls me a primadonna funny he posted this on my facebook wall. well what can i say in my defense, i guess you just have 2 believe me when I say that i am down 2 earth. well this is just the start of my life and i`m looking forward 2 be telling you more about it soon if you`ll have me but only

As long as you'll have me.


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Blair Blakely Bass

Blair Blakely Bass

16, Oslo

People like me don`t like books were written about.