BFF.. love me like you do.

OK now this is you. now you may think having your best friend think you boy is super hot is pro and not a con. well not exactly......

You say this because you like him like him not 4 his looks but because he is good 2 you. Your best friend is not interested in the same person AS YOU ARE, GO Her/ HE.Of course she/he should like him/her, but it`s good that she's/ HE`S not attracted 2 him/HER. just imagine if she/HE was...... not good am i right?

best friends 2 me is exactly the same as a relationship I would have with a boyfriend without the sex part of of course.

like samantha says: men are 4 sex and girls are for friendship, And of course the same 4 guys, but the other way around. Guys need guys 2 as much as girls need girls. Bestfriends is just a cover up 4 girlfriend or boyfriend because you actually can have them both.

A boyfriend/girlfriend is probably what's on your mind, what you want so badly. Best friend or Best friends are as important, they have been there all along 2 help you find him/ HER. Who says your best friends is not YOUR soulmate or soul mates. Because your friends are family you make for your self by choosing who you what 2 join you in your life.friends make new memories that you can laugh about in the future, and even tell 2 your children once there old enough.Even have them as a real family and make them aunt or uncle 2 your children. keep am around.

Those people are important and never take them for granted.

aren't you glad that you have them? that's a stupid question of course you do.

Take care of them they need you as much as you need them.

I just let go of my best friend I have had her for years, ON AND OFF, but we have been fighting alot but, in the end of course I miss her I DON`T HATE HER.There is a reason why we always go back 2 each other let's just say where frenemies

. She's been wrong and I have been wrong it was time 2 end the relationship. Just didn't feel right. WHERE EX`IS NOW. Of course she will always be a part of my life no matter how much we fight. She will always be a part of me she's in my memories.

And I hope i`am in her`s, i'm sorry it had 2 be this way. but I love you anyway no matter how many bad things we have done 2 each other.

I`m here 4 you and I always will be.

I should have taken you with me 2 miami but I thoughT EF was a better shot this summer, that was a big mistake,when i think about how much fun we would have. once again i`m sorry you don`t need 2 avoid me if you see me no hard feelings from my side. I hope you feel the same way.


I have 2 add this amazing song by justin, love me like you do!

I just can`t help but loving him. He's GORGEOUS in every way. Not that he doesn't make mistakes, but because he makes the right once.he is human just like you and me and we all should treat each other like ecoals even the celebs. He's A big part of my life, And i will always respect his decision.

If i`ll ever meet him one day it whould probably be life changing, but I know it`s hard for him 2 deal with the fame sometimes. Let's be honest i wouldn't run after him if he was in my home town. I want him 2 have his privacy.

the reason i know that is because i was there in oslo when he had his free concert, at the opera house.I could barely see him.because the police had but up a big black thing in front of us so we couldn't see anything, but me and my friend took turns lifting each other up.

It was sad leaving the hotel. All i wanted was 2 see him. But as much as I wanted 2 see him, I knew that it was over and he was all ready headed 2 paris. It didn't help how much I wanted 2 see him before he left. I was not exactly the only one that wanted 2 see him. and my friends could not lift me high enough.but I don`t regret it if I stayed IN Trondheim. I would probably be very mad at my self for not going.

He has already given so much 2 other BelieBers, And I whould be a fool 2 want more FROM HIM. I`ven if I`ll never meet him I know how much he cares. he respects me as much as I respect him. He doesn't know it but i believe he knows it in his heart. I Believe he was ment 2 DO this not only 4 me but 4 everyone. He made me see something I didn't see before he gave ME More better yet he gave us more.

I guess what i'm trying 2 say is that right now my best friend is Justin. He is the one I turn 2 4 advice every night and daY. He tells me that everything is going 2 be alright.

And i believe that.

I`m never giving up. Because he`S right there holding my hand, getting me true the pain and into the game.

I`VE never been a player, I have always been the girl sitting on the sideline while my teammates were having the time of there life playing the game.


. your My Gardian Angel Justin. I'm so prOUd.

I DIDN`T GET TICKETS 2 SEE IN NORWAY/ Oslo(my home town). That Kills me, but one day, someday i`ll be there.. watching and cheering from the crowd.


Ilove you more.

NOW I should be queit and let you sing.

and you know what I choose you!

now I have some ice cream in my room that I whould rather etednd 2.

have a great night you guys.


- B

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